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Welcome! This website was created on 09 Jan 2007 and last updated on 25 Dec 2019. The family trees on this site contain 9566 relatives and 1527 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Magdalen Islands English Families and Descendants

I have had my DNA done through Ancestry. I was surprised with the results and you my cousins may be 
also. for me: 38% Irish; 18% Scandinavia; 14% Great Britain; with 5 other mixes in there. Was I 
surprised, yes IRISH. My results show the reason for my results and if we all look at family 
stories then it all may seem true. I in doubt have your Ancestry DNA Trace done. I would love to 
hear about the results of others.

There are names of LIVING people on this tree, because of that only those that have a 
connection to the English Families will be granted permission to view the 
site. When you request an invitation please give me names of at least your 
Grandparents.ONLY ask for permission to view this site if you will share your information 
to this tree and help me HELP those decsendants from the Maggies find their past. Thank 

From Herbert L. Dawes: "In looking back over the history of our family, our heart be lifted in pride, we do well to harken the words of Herbert Alexander Dawes to his son, Herbert Leonard, not yet come to his teens, "BOY, THE PAST IS NOTHING TO BOAST ABOUT. IT IS SOMETHING TO LIVE UP TO. SEE THAT YOU DO IT." Nothing to boast of, because we made no contribution to it. ....{Look to the rock you were hewen...Look to the quary where it was dug.}....

NOTE: There has been a long debate as to if Sarah Harris the wife of Paul Chenell is Mi'kmaq. I found the 1900 census for Beverly, MA. Sarah shows her father being born in WALES and her mother born in MASSACHUSETTS. Also living in the household is her sister, Mehitable Dresser.
Family Stories:
I am adding a new feature "STORIES". Do you have a family story you would like to share then please send it to me and I will add it to this site. You will find the stories thus far under the tab "People".

Early Dickson Family
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Unknown People

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  1. James Clarke who went from Deserter to Hero and lost his wife, Mary, because of his actions:
  2. Thomas Pierce and family who were arrested in 1779 for helping deserting soldiers of the King's Orange Rangers (KOR);
  3. Robert Dickson a Sergant in the KOR who married the widow Giffin the daughter of Thomas Pierce;
  4. John Dean a gardner, that won the heart of a English Nobleman's daughter;
  5. The Conrad's, Publicover's and Lohnes' who came here in the 1750's from Germany to settle in Lunenburg and had to fight Indians to survive;
  6. William Gaston and the "Gaston Legend";
  7. Heman McLean a 34 year old who was mortally wounded while attacking Vimy Ridge in Apr 1917. He was awarded the "Military Medal" for heroism at the Somme in 1916;
  8. Bernhard Nicoli Read his account of the FIRST day of World War One, 20 Aug 1914;
  9. The brave Islander POWs who died at the hands of the Japanese during WII;
  10. Dorothy "Dora" Hirtle who was murdered by the Irish schoolmaster.
  11. The Cassidy men who gave their lives in the coal mines in Nova Scotia.

There are a few people I want to give credit to who have shared their information with me:
  • Barb Campbell (who got me started on this quest and showed me how to search the internet;
  • Byron Clark, Harriet York-Baudoux, Mary Best, Marion Shires, Diane Wilson, Jill Palmer, Dexter Reid Sampson, Wanda (Taker) Burke who took the time to take pictures of Entry Is for me, Alice Paige, Zelda Lohnes, Amanda (Goodwin) Clark, Wynn Currie who gave me the pictures of Most of the Headstones from the Maggies and allowed me to post them here and to C.A.M.I., Magdalen Islands;
  • To dear Renee Tetreault who has aided so many family members for so many years. Thank you Renee for your tiredless work.
  • Paula Glaser who sent me the photos of our American McPhails.
  • Dennis M. Boudreau (complier of "Dictionnaire Genealogique DES FAMILLES DES ILES-DE-LA-MADELEINE 1760-1948) who was willing to share his years of research and probably should be credited for 15% of this site.

To the visiting family researchers: I still have much more information that is still on paper that I will be adding to this site. If you can add or correct information I have here please contact me.

.......... " I'm going the way of all the earth. Be strong and show yourself a man" ..........

P-S Review of Freemasonry

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